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Motul C4 Chain Lube FactoryLine is a white high-performance chain spray for all motorcycle chains (O-ring, X-ring or Z- ring). Specially developed for the racing of road motorcycles and karts. The spin-resistant formulation (boron technology) with lubricant additives reduces friction and improves performance, thus optimizing performance. High wear protection even under extreme operating conditions. The white color allows optimal dosage.


– High compressive strength, Boron-Tech additives reduce the friction of the chain links and ensure high wear protection even under extreme loads

– Economical in consumption, white color allows optimal dosage

– Increases the life of the chain: reduces friction, water- repellent, protects against corrosion

– Excellent creep and adhesion for safe lubrication even at remote lubrication points

– Good adhesion prevents spinning – even on high-load, fast running chains

– Suitable for standard, O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring chains as well as for bowden cables and joint joints

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