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Our new off-road Comp X Boots deliver maximum durability for the trail and boast all the essentials you want in a pair of motocross boots. Redesigned from the ground up and featuring a lugged outsole to tackle the roughest terrain, they’re a sure-fire winner for weekend warriors or beginners to the off-road and trail experience. Incorporating features found in our best-in-class Instinct boots to improve fit and comfort, Comp X Boots are tailor-made for riders looking for rugged and durable off-road boots they can count on every ride.

Offroad Grip

In terms of grip, the outsole of Comp X Boots is designed with enhanced traction to provide added grip in variable off-road conditions, while the PosiTac™ rubber compound used on both the outsole and burn guard delivers maximum durability—exactly what you need as you gain ride experience. Built to last, this durable rubber compound is exclusive to Fox. The slim and flat medial (the inner side) design on each boot increases the surface area to keep you in close contact with the bike and further enhance your connection.

Fit & Comfort

With half sizes now available in the most common size ranges (9.5, 10.5, and 11.5), Comp Boots deliver improved comfort and a more precise fit. With focus specifically on the new and improved last—the foot-shaped mold that determines how a boot will fit your foot—step-in-comfort is assured right out of the box. This same last is used across all boots in our boot line, creating unified sizing and a consistent fit. If you wear a size 9 Comp X, that will be your size across the full “reboot” line up: Instinct, Motion and Comp. Riders can now enjoy a standard, true-to-size fit—just order your normal shoe size and you’re good to go.


Comp X Boots take care of coverage for your ankles and legs with TPU plating on the shin, toe cap, heel cap, and calf guard, providing protection from both rough terrain and the bike.

Secure Closure

Also updated for the new Comp X Boots is the buckle and closure system. This patented, 4-buckle system provides a durable, secure closure to ensure a precise fit and comes with extended-length levers for easy opening and closing. The new ball and socket mechanism ensures your mobility is never compromised with this system, providing “float” as the boots flex and contract while you ride. This buckle and closure system is the same across all Fox boots, but Comp X Boots are designed using durable, hard-wearing plastic buckles.

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