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ZF Dual Rear Sprocket – 52T Beta RR 2T & 4T / X-Trainer

NOW Available, ZF twin ring rear sprockets, as used by the Beta Factory Enduro team
The ZF dual chain wheels are one of the best quality and technically advanced chain wheels in the world.
The secret is based on the combination of the durability of steel and the lightness of duralumin.
This aluminum alloy is characterized by enormous strength, tightness and low weight.
The tensile strength is about 11 times that of pure aluminum. Due to curing, duraluminum almost reaches the strength of steel.
Accordingly, a lower weight and a higher resistance have been adopted.
Milling in the tooth base of the sprocket guarantee optimum self-cleaning. These milling operations ensure that the dirt can not settle between the teeth and thus the chain and the sprocket do not wear so quickly.
The durability of the ZF dual chain wheels is about three times longer than pure aluminum chain wheels and are 50% lighter than steel chain wheels.
Best suited for road and offroad.

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