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The intensity of motocross racing puts your knees at high risk of injury, POD’s patented and medically certified K4 Knee Braces are clinically proven to reduce the recurrences and severity of joint damage while providing fantastic comfort, reliability and performance. The knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body, with three large bones held together by four ligaments that are essential for stability and proper function, the POD knee brace is essential for ensuring your knee can function properly after a strenuous ride. POD’s patented Human Motion® technology uses the power of Synthetic Ligaments™ engineered from Vectran Fibres™ that are 5 times stronger than steel. All technical equipment requires scheduled maintenance, and POD’s simple modular design allows you to replace worn-out liners & straps, rebuild the hinge system and replace damaged impact guards. That means you can buy the parts you need to service or rebuild your brace, at home or the track, saving you time and money.


  • Lightweight Composite frames transfer load away from the knee joint, without compromising feel for the bike
  • The K4 Knee Brace has been certified as a medical device to help prevent leg and knee injuries
  • The Adaptive Cuffs accommodate muscle motion and disperse any load reducing the risk of fractures
  • The interior straps and clips anchor the brace to your leg and stop brace migration during your ride
  • Quick-Loc Clip System anchors the brace to your leg quicker and easier than ever
  • Antimicrobial Frame liners enhance comfort and reduce odour
  • Full Coverage guards protect against impacts
  • Easily converted for multi-sport use
  • Reliable and Serviceable
  • CE impact tested & certified
  • Sold as pair



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