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OXFORD Nemesis 16MM Lock & Chain
The padlock on this range-topper boasts a huge 16mm hardened steel shackle and an anti-pick, double locking mechanism. Each lock comes with three high security semi-elliptical keys along with a replacement key service should any get lost. Though big in strength, the Nemesis padlock can fit under the seat of most motorcycles and is available separately to use as a disc lock.
The impressive Nemesis chain wouldn’t look out of place attached to a ship’s anchor, constructed from huge, 16mm CroMo hardened steel round links, it is available in three lengths; 1.2m, 1.5m &2.0m. The links are covered with a protective and reflective material sleeve – visible so that any would-be thief will spot the Nemesis and find another target.
Key features: -Reassuringly huge 16mm hardened steel shackle and links -Anti-pick, double locking mechanism on padlock -Five-minute attack tested against drills, sledgehammers, bolt croppers and saws. -Chain available in 1.2m, 1.5m or 2.0m lengths -Reflective and protective sleeve on chain -Comes with three keys, replacement key service available -Sold Secure and ART 4077 approved

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