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Blending ethanol from renewable resources into petrol is a way of reducing fossil fuel consumption. But the high ethanol content found in some biofuels can also have unwanted side effects. Thats why MOTOREX launched its ETHANOL TREATMENT additive. This biochemical fuel enhancer smooths out several typical weaknesses of conventional bioethanol fuels. The additive neutralises ethanols basic corrosive tendency and extends fuel storage life. Ethanol has a lower energy density than pure petrol. MOTOREX ETHANOL TREATMENT fuel additive uses special inhibitors to counter this performance-reducing its negative effect. The result is a more complete combustion, leaving less unburned fuel in the exhaust and fewer deposits in the cylinders. The engine can again deliver top performance with maximum fuel efficiency More than just a fuel stabiliser or a system cleaner but with the benefits of both; Motorex Ethanol Treatment is a biochemical fuel improver and stabiliser:
Improves the properties of all fuels blended with ethanol. Reduces ethanol and fuel separation during storage and reduces the corrosion damage caused by ethanol when motorcycles are left stored for a period of time. Optimises combustion: Ethanol does not burn as cleanly and efficiently as the rest of unleaded fuel and that can result in a small power loss. This product helps improve that burn and efficiency. Reduces corrosion. Ensures the engine runs more smoothly Removes deposits in the combustion chamber Regenerates old fuel Assists with the removal of water from the fuel system Suitability for use with catalytic converters has been checked

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