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Genuine Beta part –

For all X-Trainer owners who wish to increase the performance of their bike or simply improve its riding efficiency without sacrificing comfort.
The new fork kit, developed directly by the Betamotor racing department for the X-Trainer, offers the most demanding riders high performance, more consistency and greater scope for adjustment, being able to intervene on preload, compression and return.
The 48mm ZF closed-cartridge fork increases the bike’s dynamic performance: specifically, the new fork, combined with new steering plates, ensures greater bike stability, improved riding precision and more support for even the most demanding riders.
The kit includes the complete forks with steering plates, wheel axle, spacers, stem, fork protectors and everything needed for assembly, including a pair of fork protection stickers.
The kit is based on the ZF closed cartridge fork, modified specifically for the XTR. Wheelbase has been reduced to 270mm to maintain the same balance of the oem XTR fork.
Setting has been developed specifically for the XTR by the Factory Team and fork is equipped with a K4 springs.
Of course this fork gives you much more consistency of the front end and better adjustment in pre-load, compression and return.
Its a 48mm fork combined with a CNC triple clamp so compared with the STD set you have a better stability, improved riding precision and more sustain specially for demanding riders.
Bike fitment – X-Trainer 300 2015-2022

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