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Developed for trials and validated under all possible conditions, the Jitsie brake pads perform when most needed!

Features: * high durability * great price/quality ratio

Bike fitment: Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory 02-19, Jotagas 12-19, Montesa 315/4RT 01-19, Ossa 11-16, Scorpa Twenty 15- 19, Sherco 02-19, TRS One 16-19, Vertigo Combat 16-19Weight: 56g
Type: AJP/Braktec rear brake calipper

It is the subjective opinion of John Lee & Sons Motorcycles that the parts listed below are compatible with this
model. These products are not endorsed by the vehicle manufacturer and there is no commercial connection
between John Lee & Sons Motorcycles and the vehicle brand. John Lee & Sons Motorcycles is an independent
seller of generic parts.

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