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Over time air builds up in the front forks of your bike which causes the front suspension to feel stiffer, this air should be bled out regularly but doing this with the standard bleeder screw is often a tricky task. The AS3 Performance air bleeder valves make bleeding your forks quick and easy, they screw in to the top of your forks in place of the bleeder screw and all it takes is a simple push of the button at the top of the valve.
Will fit
(Universal fitment on all KYB forks with an M5 (5mm diameter) thread
-Bleed your forks with the simple push of a button -Made from stainless steel with aluminium button -Comes with rubber seal as pictured -Colour anodised button with AS3 Performance branding -12 month manufacturing guarantee -The item in the picture is the exact item you will receive

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