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Airoh TRR S Convert
TRR-S is a fibre composite helmet designed to offer the maximum comfort to both on-road and off-road riders. Through its lightweight, wearability, a superior ventilation system and two shell sizes, Trr S has long become the preferred helmet for pro riders and enthusiasts alike.
Among its conveniences are its light weight and an excellent ventilation system, which can be fully customised by using removable vent covers to be placed on the top part of the helmet (included in the package), to achieve maximum comfort even on wet days. It’s lining ? made with quality workmanship ? is fully removable and washable for excellent wearability. A modern look and aggressive graphics complete the picture of this helmet that stands out for its unique style and personality.
Features: Maximum Comfort, Lightness and Safety plus Quick Release Fastening System
EC 2205 approved

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