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Wed, 11 Sep 2019

2020 Beta EVO Trials Range - Pre Orders Being Taken

EVO MY 2020 - Superior technology 

Beta launches the new EVO MY 2020 on to the market. Beginning with extensive development and technical refinement work carried out by Beta engineers at their Tuscany base last year, resulting in the production of an engine which provides even more performance and reliability, the new EVO MY 2020 represents a further evolution, especially in terms of design and ergonomics. With experience gained over the years spent on race tracks, this year's Beta Factory Team made up of James Dabill and Benoit Bincaz was able to transfer all that technological know-how to the new Trial range, so that both amateurs and professionals could get access to highly-evolved bike technology. The 2-stroke version is available in four different engine sizes: 125, 200, 250, 300 & 300 SS where "SS" stands for "Super Smooth", a bike with a smoother character compared to the standard version. The 4-stroke model, on the other hand, comes with the usual 300 cc engine which provides an impeccable combination of performance and ease-of-use.

Much attention has been paid to the chassis design. In fact, the look of the Evo MY 2020 has been completely revised, making it an even more attractive bike. Here are some of the details:

- New front headlamp cowl: completely redesigned, for that decisive look and markedly racing spirit.
- New tank shell: fully redesigned, further highlighting the hydro-formed aluminium chassis, a particular feature of the Evo.
- New mapping selector switch: with a revolutionary new design, this has been moved from the front headlamp cowl to the new tank shell, making access and visibility easier. It now also has a LED indicator light, making it much simpler to identify which mapping is selected.
- New rear fender: completely redesigned shape, with particular attention paid to the tail lamp.
- New LED lamp at the rear.
- New fork setting: using the experience we gained with the 2019 Factory version, the hydraulics have been made even more progressive and we have also introduced the ability to fit a compression adjuster kit (already fitted to the Factory series).
- New anodised parts (gear shift lever, foot brake lever, engine head 2T).
- New graphics and colours.

On all 2 & 4-stroke engines, including the 300 SS, we have revised and optimized the engine timing advance curves in order to improve engine responsiveness and make the bike easier to ride at any revs. The engine obviously retains all the major updates it received in 2019, i.e. cylinder with new exhaust port geometry and new timing charts (2-stroke, except 125), gearstopper cam (2-stroke), new CDI control unit (2 & 4-stroke) and new throttle (4-stroke).

2020 EVO 125cc - £5495.00
2020 EVO 200cc - £5495.00
2020 EVO 250cc - £5895.00
2020 EVO 300cc - £5995.00

Availability will be early October. 

Contact 01933312827 for any questions or queries