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Fri, 13 Oct 2017

2018 OSET Models Launched

The new 2018 Oset range is now available. The range includes the following models: 12.5 ECO, 12.5 RACING, 16.0 ECO, 16.0 RACING, 20.0 LITE, 20.0 ECO, 20.0 RACING, 24.0 RACING & 24.0 RACING JUNIOR AND THE MX-10.

The 'Eco' version is sister to the Racing model. It is simple, sturdy, adjustable and easy to manage for riders. The Eco utilizes a component set suited to new riders and is offered at a lower price than the Racing version.

The OSET Racing gives the ultimate performance and is a competition ready machine. A lot of effort has been put in by the OSET design department to create a bike that is functional, ergonomically correct, and able to grow with the rider.

The OSET 20.0 Lite is an 'in-between' machine for riders a little too big for the 16.0, but not quite ready for the 20.0 Eco or Racing. It features similar ergonomics to the OSET 16.0, but with bigger wheels that make conquering obstacles a little easier.

The OSET 24.0 boasts a powerful  OSET motor, controller and battery have been designed to work in unison on this machine. Very few components are shared with other OSETs. This is truly a ground up design that takes OSET into new territory and new heights.

The OSET MX-10 is designed as the first bike for off-road, motocross and play riders. Compared to the traditional petrol 'first bikes' sold for the last few decades, this machine is a leap forward in performance and usability.

For full details about your preferred bike or to ask any questions please contact us in store on 01933 312827 or pop in.

Prices start at £949.00 for the 12.5 ECO and go up to £3299.00 for the 24.0 RACING models.