Model Description

Its innovative design with asymmetric shapes, maintains the DNA of the brand, present on the GOLD and One R 2021 models that have preceded it.

The engine has been completely redesigned, in order to fit the new aluminum injection-cast crankcases, substantially improving the finishes and achieving better behavior at low-speed increasing pre-compression.

The new clutch cover with sight glass for oil level and filling, all on the same side, facilitates maintenance.

The incorporation of a temperature sensor makes it possible to control even better, on the one hand, thermal variations and, on the other, the optimal starting point of the fan controlled by the new CDI.

The ONE RR establishes itself as a benchmark motorcycle, both for the user and for the most top riders.

Regarding the ONE RR 125’s engine, significantly improved, its new crankshaft, piston and cylinder head provide a considerable increase in terms of power, as well as reduced vibrations.

In this case, the final development 8-45 has also been reduced, with which a better response and optimum use of the first three gears is achieved.

The new ONE RR, like rest of the Brand’s models, will be available in two versions:

Normal: 300 – 280 – 250 – 125 cc.
With electric start: 300 – 280 – 250cc.

Model Specification

  • Engine

    Cooling System

    Engine Oil Capacity




    Engine Protector

  • Dimensions

    Diameter & stroke


    Seat Height

  • Other


    Air filter

    Spark plug

    Swing Arm


    Stroke - Travel

    Net Weight

    foot Rest

  • Transmission


    Gear Box

    Transmission Secondary

  • Frame


  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

  • Wheels


    Front Wheel

    Rear Wheel

  • Brakes

    Front Brake

    Rear Brake